I always enjoyed playing with visual graph editors like Substance Designer and World Machine so I decided to make my own! This first prototype renders a wave across the screen as a simple test case. Later I'd like to turn this into something more useful but for now it's fun to see the Nodes talking to each other as intended. There are a few bugs I haven't fixed yet but I wanted to show my progress anyway. If you ever get stuck just refresh your web browser.

How to Use:

  • Click and drag on Nodes to move them.
  • Click and drag on Sockets to pull Wires from them.
  • With a Wire under your pointer, release it on top of another Socket to connect them.

Known Issues (refresh if you hit any of these):

  • Wire-Socket validation isn't 100% finished. It is possible to crash the app with a bad input.
  • If you idle for too long, the app may crash.

Written with Haxe and Kha.

AuthorDevin Curry
Made withHaxe
Tags2D, haxe, kha

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